Rushing to Your Death?

If I’ve drven past it once, I’ve driven past it a hundred times: the bright red billboard nestled in between factories in the Ironbound on my way up to the Pulaski Skyway, begging the question: am I rushing to my death?
Not that this was the strangest billboard I’d seen in Newark — goodness knows, we’ve had our fair share of odd ones — but, it certainly had the effect of puzzling my wife and I on our way into the city.

Today I stumbled over this piece in the Times about the billboard, an art installation by a Hoboken artist: On Its Face, Billboard Screams Message of Art.

The billboard is the work of Eliza Fernbach, a Hoboken artist who set it up in April as installation art. She chose to exhibit her work in this most unlikely of places, in the middle of what some might call the stretch of least beauty in the Garden State.

Her billboard may not stand out among the junk car lots and ironworks factories and fast-food establishments, and other billboards screaming out their commercial messages. Those who do glimpse it may not even know it was intended as art.