7Online: Deadly shooting outside Newark diner

7Online: Deadly shooting outside Newark diner

Newscopter Seven was live over scene. The victims reportedly were shot outside the Andros Diner at 6 Wilson Avenue just after 3:30 a.m. They were taken to University Hospital in Newark, where one of the men was pronounced dead. The suspect fled the scene and no arrests were immediately made.

Police closed busy Wilson Avenue in the city’s Ironbound section as they investigated. Newark police said the gunfire was the year’s 97th homicide, compared to 104 for the same period last year.

4thGenerationNewarker at NewarkSpeaks answers a question I had about helicopters over the Ironbound this morning. This incident occurred just off of Ferry Street, where thousands did their holiday shopping this season, and yards from where War of the Worlds was shot in 2004.

Update: NJ.com has additional details on the incident, indicating some positive leads in catching the perpetrators: Victim in Newark shooting ID’ed as bouncer.

A bouncer at a Newark social club was shot and killed outside a Ironbound diner this morning by someone he apparently had turned away at the club earlier in the night, police said.

Jose A. Rivera, 39, was working as a bouncer Christmas night at the Centro Orizano Bar at the corner of Lafayette and Bruen streets, police said, when he and another bouncer became involved in a dispute with two men they refused entry to the club, police said.

After the bar closed, the bouncers later encountered the two men at about 3:30 a.m. outside Andro’s Diner on Wilson Avenue, police said.

A verbal dispute turned physical and then one of the men who had been turned away began firing shots, fatally striking Rivera in the torso, police said.

The other bouncer, whose name has not been released, suffered what authorities described as a non-life-threatening wound to the face and was able to hold the unarmed suspect at the scene until officers arrived, according to the Newark police department.

The second bouncer was treated at UMDNJ. Authorities have detained the unarmed suspect for questioning, but police say they have not yet identified the shooter.

This was the 97th homicide of the year, compared to 104 for the same period in 2006.

Investigators are seeking the public’s assistance and urge anyone with information about this incident or any other crimes in Newark to call the Department’s “Crime Stoppers” anonymous tip line at 877 NWK-TIPS (877 695-8477) or the “Gun Stoppers” line at 877 NWK-GUNS (877 695-4867). Tips that lead to arrests and indictments could result in cash rewards of up to $ 2,000 to the person who provides the information.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Newarker, PCA Elder, Business Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

14 thoughts on “7Online: Deadly shooting outside Newark diner”

  1. i understand getting the news fast is important, was it necessary for channels 2,4,7,9,11 to all send helicopters at 5am and wake me????????????


  2. I’m no journalist, but why were there supposedly so many choppers exactly?
    You almost NEVER hear about murders in Manhattan which, are much more numerous than people would expect. I guess what my question is simply: when is a murder ‘news’, and when isn’t it?


  3. I know the first guy they got since I was 15 I am shocked!! that he got into this situation he is NOT a killer TRUST me! he was at the wrong place at the wrong time!


  4. Doe, I’m GLAD they caught the guy you know and I hope they catch the other one, as well. I know both men who were shot and now one man I will never see again as a result of what? A power trip? A pissed off club attendant? A person’s life is NOT worth it! I visited the other one in the hospital yesterday and he is thankful to be alive.
    Yes, we hear about murders all the time but does anyone think about the effect it would have if they knew the victims?? I got woken up to a garbage truck yesterday and someone playing loud music next door. In retrospect, it was such a stupid thing to get annoyed about when I learned the news of these men a few hours later…
    Think about it.


  5. To respond to some statements above…
    1) The reason this was a bigger story than it should have been is because it happened on Christmas night. Yes, many murders and crimes are not reported. But because it was a holiday, it makes the story more sad.
    2) To the lady who was awoken by this. I am sorry you were awaken but 2,4,7,9,11 are all different television stations and have their own separate reporters, helicopters, etc. They all hope to be the first ones to report the story. A murder has happened, so yes, they will be out and about trying to get the story.
    3) It is incredibly sad that someone had to die over a situation like this one. It definitely was not worth it. Of course, the victims family and friends will be incredibly saddened but the suspects family and friends will be saddened also, just knowing that someone they know and love committed a crime like this.
    Hopefully they other suspect will be caught. Hopefully, we will get more details on this case and learn what exactly happened and why. It may have been a “power trip” or it may have been something else…we don’t know. But for the victims and their families, and for the suspect that was unarmed at the scene, we should keep them in our thoughts and prayers. As for the other suspect, let’s hope that he is in the area still and that they catch him quickly.


  6. there both young boys who are hard workers & never in trouble. good familys. two freinds hanging out probably to much to drink and two bouncers one who likes to beat up on people matter of fact beat someone up that night & got away with it . this time he was beating up the wrong person and something unfortunate happened. PERIOD END OF DISCUSION. stop trying to make it sound like these bouncers were innocent/ someone got shot after someone else was beating the shit out of someone.


  7. The bouncers were doing their job and the two criminals had egos, so they caused more trouble after the fact. Obviously the bouncers had reasons to not let these two trouble makers into the club…and afterwards their feelings were proven right….the criminals were packing weapons and were out to kill someone that night. Since they couldn’t get into the club to hurt someone, they took it out on the bouncers. I think its funny how some people are trying to blame the victims….these guys went to a business to start trouble, had a gun, and murdered someone….and some people are so pathetic that they are trying to blame the victims…its really funny actually how there are always people who stand up for the criminals and say that they are “good boys’….no they arent, they murdered someone in cold blood and they had guns….sorry, that’s not the actions of “good people”…..I hope these guys go away for the rest of their lives…because we don’t need filthy criminals like this roaming the streets. They murdered a guy who was doing his job, and stole a father from his 5 children on Christmas night. Yeah, these criminals were good boys alright…..yeah, they’ll go straight to heaven…..not!


  8. I agree with the last comment from AL..these lil boys are Not GOOD boys. when is this world gunna start seeing that? so should our kids start carrying guns & weapons because they are getting their butts kicked at school? I THINK NOT! GROW UP! 27 yr old MEN.. NOT BOYS LIKE PEOPLE ARE CALLING THEM!
    when it hits home… then they will know!


  9. God boys, Manny you have to be kidding me. Are you for real? Good Boys carry guns around and shoot people for stupid reasons. If that is a good boy to you then you must live in a total crime infested neighborhood. Go ahead Manny show what a POS you are by sticking up for this scumbag. Too bad you can’t get the death penalty in Jersey anymore. Becuase I can’t think of anyone more deserving then someone who shot a bouncer because he wouldn’t let him in.


  10. These bouncers were just doing their jobs – seriously…they were….if youd dont believe me, just ask one of the drunk 15 year olds that were at the club orenzano party that night. Thank God none of these minors commited the crime or alot more people would have some explaining to do.
    As for the bouncer – he wasn’t taken from his 5 children, he had a part in it too.. while nobody deserves to die, especially over such stupid shit as this, death does not equal innocence. If you have 5 kids, do yourself a favor and dont try to beat up on drunk guys in newark at 3AM, especially if you are a pro kickboxer and soldier accompanied by andre the giant. Chances are you could probably kill someone and if they are afraid they may do something stupid, albeit unintentionally. Instead, go home to your family. And if your a friend of someone with 5 kids, dont instigate. I know you are the big bad newark bouncers, but that doesn’t give you carte blanche to wail on people. Watch roadhouse with patrick swayze and see what a real bouncer should do.
    If a gun had not been fired, these two bouncers may have been facing jail time….unless of course they know people like most bouncers in newark do(which is why they get away with so much shit). And yes they are good people. If you saw your brother or sister getting beat the way jimmy was getting beat and you actually had a gun on you, you’d probably do the same. And if you didn’t have a gun and there was a knife nearby, you would probably stab him. Humans will do almost anything presented with right situation to elicit the actions. This doesn’t mean that David is a bad guy – he is stupid for having a gun and just a very loyal friend who couldn’t see his best friend(5’ 5” 150lb) being mutilated by a 6’ something sub 250lb monster. Not to mention he turned himself in when in fact i’m sure he could have gotten away if he wanted to.
    I heard on another forum that people were looking for him to do some damage, even though on the news, his name was not reported for almost a few days after this happened. Bouncers and their friends seem like they enjoy taking the law into their own hands…The bouncers are all saying that they all knew these 2 had a gun on them….if so, how come they didn’t report it and why were they picking a fight with them….taking law into your own hands will get you killed…..not the right nor the responsible choice for a father of 5. I hate to be harsh about it, but it is the truth. Death does not equal innocence. I feel for his family and I believe that he was all the great man that everyone says he was, but in life nobody is perfect. Remember him for his good qualities not for the bad qualities that you are trying to erase. It doesn’t make him a bad person that he was fighting with two people he could have probably murdered with his pubic hairs, but it makes him just as much at fault as his buddy and the other two idiots. God I pray for them all.


  11. December 26th will 7 years since I lost my brother. Words can’t really express this feeling of loss. Certain situations that he would have solved so quickly are taking time to dissolve…one in particular is the hurt my family feels from losing Jose. During the trial, there were accusations that he was beating up Jimmy while David and Uri were fighting, but Jimmy’s mug shot showed no bruises to his face and nothing was found on his body. My brother had nothing to do with the incident that happened in the club. He was only preventing his friend from getting jumped by two guys.
    My brother was one of the most important people in my life. I feel so lost without him. I really don’t care what people say about him and what they assumed happened. My brother was a gentle giant who loved his family and his 5 children. He worked so hard to feed them, place a roof over their heads, and reminded them every day how much he loved them. I wish I can turn back time. There is no way. So I continue to wait until The Day comes when I can be with him again. I’ll endure this pain until then.
    RIP Pep.


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