New York Times: Is It Paris, or Just Newark After Dark?


New York Times: Is It Paris, or Just Newark After Dark?

In recent months, particularly since the Prudential Center opened in downtown Newark in October, the buildings here have been fitted with a glittering tiara as their stout bodies have bathed in floodlights. Newark really does sparkle.

Alfred C. Koeppe, the president of the Newark Alliance, a nonprofit organization of business leaders, is a former P.S.E.&G. executive and has worked or lived in Newark for more than 40 years.

“This is, in my memory, the most beautiful the city has ever looked,” he said.

The sharply pitched roof of the renovated National Newark Building, the city’s tallest structure, at 744 Broad Street, is lighted in such a way that the 34-story tower resembles a soldier. The Art Deco aspects of the slightly shorter building just northeast at 1180 Raymond Boulevard are more apparent when lighted.

“People are taking pride in their neighborhoods, and it’s expanding,” Mr. Koeppe said.

This is just about the coolest article I’ve seen about Newark in some time. Comparing Newark to the City of Light — which, in its own right, is famous for its night-time floodlit streets — is high praise, particularly from the New York Times.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Newarker, PCA Elder, Business Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

4 thoughts on “New York Times: Is It Paris, or Just Newark After Dark?”

  1. I work in NYC, and sometimes after really long days I get a ride home with the car service. When we approach the Newark exits via 280 East, I always look to the left and check out our fledgling skyline, which looks beautiful when all lit up.Nowadays, downtown looks even better up close after dark. One evening, the driver misunderstood my directions (he spoke no English) and got hopelessly lost. He went over the bridge into Harrison, somehow got onto McCarter Highway, passed the arena and NJPAC, before he FINALLY came up Broad Street and got back on track. Normally, I would have been on the phone to the car service complaining about that guy, but because I’m a hopeless Newark fan, I just sat back and enjoyed the view.


  2. Around 1992, the Washington Commons Development Corporation and Renaissance Newark (under Everett Shaw, later Deputy Mayor for economic development) initiated the Operation Skyline to light up Washington Park area’s tallest buildings, including 550 and 570 Broad Street, the Mutual Benefit Insurance (later IDT) building, and 33 Washington Street. The effort got a “Recognition” from the Newark Historic Preservation and Landmarks Committee in February 1993. Sharpe James awarded the effort on January 26, 1995, with the Annual Image Awards. A few years ago, the owner of 33 Washington Street concerned about the cost. We took him to our backyard to see the blue “moonlight” and made this Florida-based real estate owner happy.


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