Star Ledger: Editor charges Newark cops violated his civil rights

Star Ledger: Editor charges Newark cops violated his civil rights

The suit, filed by the American Civil Liberties Union of New Jersey and the Seton Hall Center for Social Justice, contends police violated the civil rights of Brazilian Voice editor Roberto Lima by detaining him until he relinquished the photos taken by a member of his staff.

“I offered Newark police the original photographs as long as I could keep copies, but they handcuffed me to a bench until I agreed to give them all copies and originals,” Lima said in a written statement released today by the ACLU.

Sounds like a little civil rights sensitivity training is in order for the NPD.

Seriously, this news has a chilling effect on those of us who write about Newark on a day-to-day basis: the NPD or City Hall needs to issue a statement today condemning this behavior towards journalists in the city. I hardly think the Booker administration wants to find itself defending suppression of First Amendment rights.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Newarker, PCA Elder, Business Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

1 thought on “Star Ledger: Editor charges Newark cops violated his civil rights”

  1. Curtis R. Ward368 Mt. Prospect Avenue Apt. C2
    Newark, New Jersey 07104
    Phone (973) 482-0566
    February 7, 2009
    Mayor Cory Booker
    City of Newark
    920 Broad Street
    Newark, New Jersey 07102
    Dear Mayor Booker:
    Tuesday January 13, 2009 I was rushed to Mountainside Hospital located in Montclair, New Jersey diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety and Stress Reactions, Rectal Bleeding, Abdominal Pain and Chronic Back Pain.
    Three days later I received word from Adam Zipkin Chief of Economic and Housing Development that there is a six family property that he would like for me to look at to see if the property is acceptable. January 22, 2009 I viewed the property finding it to be non accommodating. My family is composed up of six persons Adam Zipkin is aware of this; suggesting that I view this property and that this is the only property that is available and that he would like to close the book on this, the property is a six family building each apartment is one bedroom, the attic area shows there was a fire that did a great deal of damage to the roof beams. My architect George meadows myself Mr. John Rabb and my fiancé calculated the cost of the internal part of the building at sixty thousand per unit not including the basement and external part of the building noting that the south side external vinyl siding is missing. The property is located at 118 Badger Avenue in a deserted area with only a few houses and vacant lots in a industrial free enterprise zone. The property was opened for us by the Newark Division of Property Management, Gregory Smith Housing inspector and his supervisor Mr. George Brantley.
    January 23, 2009 I reported my findings to Mr. Adam Zipkin he suggested that he would like to send a contractor that he recommend highly to go out to 118 Badger Avenue and gather his assessment of the cost of the rehabilitation and also that the contractor Mr. James Gift would provide financing and that I would need to get a mortgage.
    The City of Newark stole my six-family building along with my 198,000.00 Grant to make way for a school to be built on my property.
    Mr. Mayor Cory A. Booker ( Greatness Is Measured by Ones Courage to do the Right Thing ). President Obama has sent a message of change to do the Right Thing, You can be a great Mayor by doing the right thing by restoring to me that which was stolen from me my building and 198,000.00 which belong to me, I am not asking that you give me anything only that which belongs to me.
    You refuse to reply to all the letters I have sent you certified; that disturbs me giving a great concern for my City and my fellow Citizens.
    January 20,2009 Is an historic and very special day for all Americans especially for African Americans. President Obama sworn in as our 44th President moved this Country to a welcome Idea of Change, his speeches comforted me giving a great sense of peace and resolve reminding me that my fight Is that fight of Righteousness. For those Citizens that work hard to raise their families; supportive of their Community and Country. They will not be denied their RIGHT TO HAPPINESS I am one of those citizens he speaks of. I worked very hard for my six family building and serving my Community as a Commercial Property Owner and being voted as Block President. I have suffered greatly but I have endured Trusting in my God Mr. Mayor Booker, you should be ashamed of yourself sir.
    Physically and Mentally I am suffering with Depression, Anxiety and Stress Reactions, Rectal Bleeding, Bleeding from my Chest area, Abdominal Pain and Chronic Back Pain.
    As My God Sit On His Throne In Heaven I will not give up in receiving justice and compensation, I shall overcome Mr. Mayor Cory A. Booker.
    I met with you providing all the documentation of the theft of my building and you appointed Adam Zipkin to assist me to correct the wrong that was done to me; acknowledging the theft of my building and Grant money yet all this time has pasted you refuse to do the right thing, Taking advantage of me because I am moneyless not able to afford a lawyer. I will receive justice and compensation sir.
    CC: Michelle Obama
    Senator Ronald L. Rice
    Adam Zipkin
    Curtis R. Ward
    368 Mt. Prospect Avenue Apt. C2
    Newark, New Jersey 07104
    Phone (973) 482-0566
    February 8, 2009
    The First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama
    The White House
    1600 Pennsylvania Avenue NW
    Washington, D.C. 20500-0002
    Reference to: The theft of my six family building and 198,000.00 Grant Money by the City of Newark, New Jersey
    Dear First Lady, Mrs. Michelle Obama,
    Here I am writing to greatness, greatness is measured by ones courage to do the right thing. Our President and First Lady has moved the world in the direction of doing the right thing, God Bless Our President and his family. I believe that the President will bring Peace and Stability in the World having the Blessing of God.
    Mrs. Obama before writing this letter I prayed that this letter reach your hands knowing that the world write you every day. This letter is being sent by Faith.
    President Obama speeches and policies inspired me to send this letter to you knowing that I will receive the justice and compensation I rightfully deserve. The Governor of New Jersey Office, Senator Lautenberg Office, New Jersey Congressman Payne Office all said they are sorry what happened to me but there is nothing that they can do. Senator Ronald L. Rice did send The Mayor Cory Booker of Newark a letter asking for his attention to resolve the matter. The Mayor acknowledge the wrong that was done to me and my family but refuse to compensate me for the theft of my building and 198,000.00 Grant money for rehabilitation of my building that the City of Newark demolished to pave the way for the construction of a school. Attached I am providing you with the synopsis of those events of the theft of my property and grant.
    I worked long and hard to purchase this six family building located in the community that I grew up in located in the South Ward at 42 Dewey Street Newark, New Jersey. I became the President of our neighborhood block association, my community admired my earnest desire to beautify and safeguard where we lived. My building was my home, livelihood and future now I have nothing, my family and I was placed on the street having to move in with my sister – law.


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