Newark’s Relative Calm Ends in Hail of Gunfire; 2 Dead and 5 Wounded

Newark’s Relative Calm Ends in Hail of Gunfire; 2 Dead and 5 Wounded

Two young men killed each other and five other people were wounded here, the police said, in a spate of shootings that the authorities called the most violent 24-hour period of what has generally been a relatively calm year in New Jersey’s largest city.

A bloodied shirt, left, is collected by crime scene investigators, as police tape keeps bystanders away from Bloomfield Avenue, one of Newark’s busiest streets.

There have been 16 homicides in Newark so far this year, down from 26 by this time in 2007, a year that saw a total of 99 killings.

The summer comes as a mixed blessing. The weather has been beautiful, but inspires a lot more violent crime in the city. Oddly enough, the recent shooting in North Newark is being blamed on a member of hip hop group Naughty by Nature (wtf?).

The police also questioned Anthony Criss, known as Treach from the rap group Naughty by Nature, after a report of gunshots on West Runyon Street Tuesday afternoon. Officers pulled over a dark Hummer being driven erratically and found Mr. Criss inside wearing a bulletproof vest. Mr. Criss told the officers that he was not being shot at, Chief McCarthy said. The chief added that there was no weapon found in the car, although a pistol was recovered nearby on the street.

“Officer, I’m just taking a casual drive through Newark in a bulletproof vest, what’s so suspicious about that?” Riiiiiight.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Newarker, PCA Elder, Business Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

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