Star Ledger: Booker to Brooklyn: Let’s settle Nets matter on basketball court

Booker to Brooklyn: Let’s settle Nets matter on basketball court

“After years of obscurity mired in the Meadowlands, the Nets are ready for a slam dunk in the Brooklyn big leagues. Who knows, maybe the Devils want to lace up and come here too! If my esteemed colleague Cory Booker in Brooklyn’s ‘western suburb,’ a.k.a. Newark, New Jersey, is looking for a professional basketball team, maybe he should ask the Knicks,” Markowitz said in a statement.

Booker responded by saying he would continue to pursue his “personal dream” of bringing the Nets to the $375 million Prudential Center “no matter how unrealistic.”

“I yield to…Marty Markowitz, my esteemed colleague in the “eastern suburb” of Newark a.k.a Brooklyn, and would like to officially challenge him with the remaining shreds of my athletic pride to a one and one basketball game to battle for the Nets!”

Looks like our Rhodes scholar mayor can trash-talk with the best of them. Seriously, Booker, I hope there’s more to this plan to bring the Nets to Newark than your jab step and jump shot.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Newarker, PCA Elder, Business Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

2 thoughts on “Star Ledger: Booker to Brooklyn: Let’s settle Nets matter on basketball court”

  1. I know my friend Cory Booker can score some incredible touchdowns but I don’t know if he can replicate the same performance on a basketball court. At first this sort of idea seems silly but I think it’ a clever publicity stunt. If enough media outlets cover this story the greater the likelihood of this one-on-one taking place.


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