BBC: Violinist plays for taxi driver

Violinist plays for taxi driver
It’s not often Newark gets mentioned by the BBC.🙂

A violinist who left his 285-year-old instrument in the back of a New York cab has played a concert to thank the driver who returned it to him.

Philippe Quint gave a private 30-minute performance on Tuesday in the taxi waiting area at Newark Liberty International Airport.

He left his violin, a 1723 Kiesewetter Stradivarius, in a taxi on the way back from the airport last month.

Mohamed Khalil, who was born in Egypt, was given a reward of $100 (£50) by Mr Quint, and was also presented with a medal from the City of Newark.

A slideshow of part of the performance is available courtesy of Jersey TV: Taxicab Solo.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Newarker, PCA Elder, Business Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

3 thoughts on “BBC: Violinist plays for taxi driver”

  1. EA, great catch — he was totally a Newark airport cab driver.
    Maybe from London, the New York metro area all looks like one big city.😉


  2. Not to nit-pick but I thought it was a Newark cab. Or perhaps the cabbie lived in Newark and worked in New York?
    I say this because I’m one of the ones who hates the: “Newark is an extension of Manhattan” line of thinking.
    It may be the same metro, but Newark is too major a city to simply be grouped in with NY, much the way JC is


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