Star Ledger: There’s a new hot Spot in Newark

There’s a new hot Spot in Newark
The Ledger reviews a new restaurant in downtown Newark with high praise. Carl Sharif, whose wife owns the restaurant in addition to her day job as director of human resources for the Irvington School System, writes a blog called We Don’t Need Permission, which you can always find in our Further Reading section down below.

So when I started to hear some buzz about a new place called The Spot on Commerce Street, it seemed like a good choice for lunch on a sunny, spring day. I asked my co-worker Roz to join me, and off we went, having no idea what we’d find. What we found was a knockout.

The Spot is great-looking space: soaring ceilings with an industrial look, softened by rich woods, comfortable banquettes and a wall of windows looking out on the city. The bar is five shelves high, and with its mirrored backdrop, the bottles reflect the light; it’s simple and dramatic at once.

The only things more exciting than the look of The Spot are the animated conversations and the crowd itself. Diverse in every way, there are suited-up professionals, college faculty, doctors in scrubs, politicians, artists, musicians, athletes — I have been there at three different times since my first visit and if you’re looking for anybody who is anybody in the city of Newark, you may very well find them eating and drinking at The Spot.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Newarker, PCA Elder, Business Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

2 thoughts on “Star Ledger: There’s a new hot Spot in Newark”

  1. Loved the decor and the crowd at the spot. They have a well stocked liquor selction and the service was terific BUT the menu is little to be desired. It is small and variety is sparse. If the stepped it up just a few notches they would have a complete other revenue source. Not to say I won’t be back… But waiting for more to come!


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