NJ.com: Newark must pay $4.1 million for missteps in student’s death

Newark must pay $4.1 million for missteps in student’s death
Tragic story in which an NPD police dispatcher failed to do her job effectively, potentially preventing the death of two Seton Hall students in 2000. The penalty will have a substantial impact on the city’s already tight budget.

An Essex County jury has ordered Newark to pay $4.1 million to the family of a murdered Seton Hall University student because of mistakes made by a police dispatcher and 911 operator during her abduction.

The jury’s verdict came after the attorney for Sohayla Massachi’s family argued that prompt action by the Newark police may have prevented her murder after she was abducted by a jilted boyfriend in May 2000.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Newarker, PCA Elder, Business Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

2 thoughts on “NJ.com: Newark must pay $4.1 million for missteps in student’s death”

  1. First My sympathies to Sohayla’s family. The only thing more difficult than losing a loved one is learning that it didn’t need to happen. I just finished reading the comments for this article on NJ.com and I am shocked at the sheer ingnorance and idiocy that comes out when people talk about Newark.It’s amazing what folks will say when their identities are private. Why is Newark the city that New Jerseyans love to hate? I’d like to see a post about that DN.


  2. Christina, I absolutely agree — NJ.com seems to draw the worst kind of inflammatory, thoughtless comments about Newark. I think the site administrators don’t do anything to curb this kind of discussion, making it a pretty hostile place to dispel misconceptions about the city and outright racism.
    Why does NJ love to hate Newark? Great question. I’m always surprised at some of the reactions I get from people about living in Newark — some shocked, some positive, some knee-jerk negativity. That last one is usually the least informed perspective.
    I’ll see if I can put together an angle on this idea. If you’ve got thoughts, I’d love to hear them: ken@dailynewarker.com.


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