NJ.com: Investing in Newark, fork in hand, eateries have high hopes

Investing in Newark, fork in hand, eateries have high hopes
Newark seems to be the place to launch new restaurants these days, especially with the new venue created by the Prudential Center. There’s been a couple of really positive reviews in the papers in the last couple of weeks of Newark restaurants The Spot and Theater Square Grill.

The article also mentions a potential $4 million upgrade to Military Park, which is situated between NJPAC and the Prudential Center on Broad Street and Park Place.

It’s not on the list of most successful Newark spots, but restaurateur Sean McGovern and Senate President Richard Codey are betting they can make 60 Park Place a go with an upscale sports bar and restaurant.

The two previous restaurants at that address, Arthur’s Downtown and the Savoy Grill, were short-lived at what their owners thought was a sure-win downtown location that would attract patrons of the NJ Performing Arts Center and a long-promised sports arena.

But the arena stalled several times, and the prospects to revive the former Hahne’s Department Store failed. Neither restaurant could overcome the issue of how central city Newark becomes a virtual ghost town after dark.

Now, the Devils have played their first season at the Prudential Arena, and Codey and McGovern said they’re hearing a new buzz in development circles: “If you build it, they gotta eat.”

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Newarker, PCA Elder, Business Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

1 thought on “NJ.com: Investing in Newark, fork in hand, eateries have high hopes”

  1. What’s the latest on all the planned restaurants mentioned in the May article? Arthur’s/The Savoy looks unfinished, the steak houses aren’t here yet. Any news anyone?


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