Claptrap and Carwashes

It looks as though Joan Whitlow has taken investigative reporting to a new level.
After Newarkers endured to her May 10 piece, casing the mayor’s new ride, the Ledger’s “embedded reporter” at City Hall is rumored to have been stalking the mayor like a jilted girlfriend.

To the car wash.

The Daily Newarker received a tip that Joanie was spotted by the mayor’s police detail, following his car to, yes, the local car wash.

The mind reels at the potential of tomorrow’s column, replete with details like whether the administration prefers premium to regular Turtle Wax. Or if the mayor hangs fuzzy dice in the mirror. Perhaps we’ll even be treated to angry statements from undertipped car wash attendants.

Whitlow is clearly working on her candidacy for the Pulitzer.

And here I was looking forward to some detailed analysis into the administration’s office paper suppliers.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Newarker, PCA Elder, Business Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

6 thoughts on “Claptrap and Carwashes”

  1. Just how embed is Joan Whitlow- if no one will talk to her. No wonder why she writes stories like this, I just wonder why the Ledger keeps her on the payroll. Didn’t she get kicked out of Sharpe’s office in the last administration. Booker’s folks engage her, by answering her questions anyway, she shouldnt bite the hands that feeds her. One of these days that hand might snap back.


  2. Interesting….out of all the things to write about for someone who is supposed to be the embed- it’s sad that she writes about is- what aboout the budget, thwe bond rating, garbage pick up. In her article today she claims the administration is spending too much on cars- does she have any recommendations for how this money shoulod be used- oh maybe it shoujd udnerwrite the cost of her investigative reporting.


  3. I like Barry Carter. Thursdays are the best days of the week in the Star-Ledger because of his ex-cellent reporting and writing.


  4. Joan Whitlow is a remarkable woman who puts herself in harms way, with each report, keeping us informed of the abuses of our local government. People do not like to talk to her because they are not clever enough to think up good, believable, spur of the moment lies that explain the unexplainable.
    I like her style and assertive personality. While I do not agree with her on occassion, I find her a very informative and intelligent political commentator.


  5. The above commentators are correct: in the grand scheme of things the mayor’s SUV and where and how it is driven appear to be pretty trivial.
    But I agree with Joan Whitlow that flagrant disregard for appearances is often the hallmark of officials who demonstrate their feelings of entitlement in other less flagrant but more egregious and expensive ways.


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