Indian Knights MC – Ironbound Ambulance Run

Indian Knights MC – Ironbound Ambulance Run
So, when mentioned that “investigators found online photos” of the police chief in an illegal Ironbound bar, I couldn’t help but search for them — what kind of blog would this be if I hadn’t?

While the photos didn’t turn up, I was able to find this video. It’s in Portuguese, right up until around 1 minute, 47 seconds, where Anthony Campos, “2nd Comandante Policia de Newark” is being interviewed.

Actually, after seeing this video and watching Campos talk about raising funds to help out the family of a disabled little girl, I kind of feel bad for the chief. The Indian Knights seem like a decent organization, even if they don’t have a liquor license.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Newarker, PCA Elder, Business Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

2 thoughts on “Indian Knights MC – Ironbound Ambulance Run”

  1. My father & brother are members of the Indian Knights MC, and they [Indian Knights] have held soooo many different fund raisers over the year that I have known about the Motorcycle Club.
    They are a great bunch of people and they treat everyone like family!!
    The whole story to the alcohol bust was that they were holding a PRIVATE birthday party for a member and they had alcohol there. It’s just like if you were at home & having a Bar-B-Que, it was PRIVATE!!!
    On their MAIN DOOR to the building it says “INDIAN KNIGHTS MC – MEMBERS ONLY!!” it’s not like a building trying to be a bar and trying to out smart the city, they aren’t selling drugs there or anything, they are a CLEAN & LEGIT motorcycle Club that care!!!!!!!
    No one underage was drinking or anything & now because of this they are loosing the place they rented for their meetings all because of different REDICULOUS rules & regulations that keep getting thrown at them that they can not afford to pay and the landlords (owners of the building) are not willing to put the money out either. So I guess this is what happens to a group of people whom try to do something POSITIVE for the Ironbound Community, they get sh!tted on.
    It just disgusts me!!! I think they should get a petition or something. They dont do any harm to anyone. All they try to do is HELP PEOPLE that are in need!!


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