A Prediction for 2010

We are a little more than halfway through the first mayoral term of Cory A. Booker, and inevitably, talk has turned to predictions for the outcome of the mayoral race in 2010. One of our favorite political blogs, PolitickerNJ.com, has weighed in on the matter, and says Mayor Booker will win in 2010 by a decisive 77%. Well, this is not surprising. I think most people understand that Mayor Booker cares very deeply for the city and it shows in his incredible work ethic. Whether it’s flying around the country to negotiate private/public partnerships or driving around the city during blackouts and being out in the wee hours with the police officers, no one can deny that he’s being very conscientious and strategic about running the city.
Also, I think that when people voted for Mayor Booker in 2006, they cast an eight-year vote. We all know that Newark faces substantial challenges, and that it would take more than one term for a trailblazer to come in, dodge the critics, the pratfalls and overcome the tragedies before setting the city on a different course.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Newarker, PCA Elder, Business Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

2 thoughts on “A Prediction for 2010”

  1. Are you insane? Booker has been a huge failure and the East Ward will go 100% with anyone else. Booker is an opportunist who under his administration we have lost our Hospital and most of the Doctors who practiced there.


  2. I have to disagree with this post, as well as the above comment. No blog connected to politics has any business calling victory, let alone by a 77 percent margin, two years before an election, and he will never get numbers like those unless he runs unopposed. I think Booker’s done a tremendous job bringing energy to Newark, and he’s attracted new investment — something hypercorrupt Sharpe James could/would never do, even during the boom years of the late ’90s; he was too concerned about having taxpayers finance his yacht. And even the loudest of the city’s suburban detractors have had to admit the small strides Booker has made. But there still are “Recall Booker” signs around downtown; he hasn’t shed his reputation as an outsider. His biggest problem is that the qlife (to borrow from his campaign) of the average Newarker has changed little, or not at all. A new arena, new housing and new restaurants primarily benefit out-of-towners who work/play in Newark. The average Newarker (hell, the average New Jersey resident these days) can’t afford $90 hockey tickets, $10 drinks, or $1400 studio apartments, however nice. Booker’s influence and popularity continue to grow, but only outside city limits. If he’s to have a successful re-election, he needs to focus on the city, not anywhere else. Make more progress on crime (he’s off to a good start here), bring in more jobs and affordable housing and, above all, convince Newark that you are in this for the long term. Most of the constituency, I feel, believes he’s already looking at governorship or even a place on Obama’s cabinet, should he defeat McCain. Newark now is a better place than it was when he first took office, but there’s much to be done for people who live here, and Booker needs to reconnect with residents and their concerns in order to help them understand that the battles the city faces are ones that won’t be cured overnight. I hope he is successful.


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