Heads Up: Booker to Address Gun Control Monday

Heads Up: Booker to Address Gun Control Monday

Mayor Cory A. Booker, Jersey City Mayor Jerramiah Healy, State Senator Sandra Cunningham, CeaseFire NJ Executive Director Bryan Miller, and other Newark dignitaries will hold a press conference to call upon the New Jersey State Senate to pass S-1774, the One Handgun A Month bill (passed two weeks ago by the State Assembly), to put up a critical barrier to intrastate handgun trafficking.

The One Handgun a Month law, according to Wikipedia, prevents individuals from legally purchasing more than one handgun within thirty days of another purchase:

A one-handgun a month law is designed to cut off the supply of guns to criminals by limiting handgun purchases to one every thirty days per person. The rationale for enacting this law is that gun traffickers may frequently purchase large numbers of cheap handguns from states with weak gun laws, particularly those in the south, and sell them at an inflated price to criminals in states with strong gun laws.

Read the full text of the bill at the New Jersey State Legislature site.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Newarker, PCA Elder, Business Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

3 thoughts on “Heads Up: Booker to Address Gun Control Monday”

  1. I guess print is dead. You’re citing a Wikipedia entry as your source info. The same Wikpedia that any college professor would frown upon were a student to cite it for a paper. The same wikipedia that can be freely edited by anyone.
    Good work..er…good shortcut to real journalism.


  2. Jon, with regard to Wikipedia accuracy, check out this 2005 study of its accuracy compared to Encyclopedia Britannica, as reported by the BBC. That should be sufficient, I think, to provide a jumping-off point for Daily Newarker readership to understand what a “One Handgun a Month” law is.
    It’s true that some topics demand rigorous and independent research, and we try to do that here, too. Consider Zemin Zhang’s piece on the history of traffic in Newark, or my interview with Darius Sollohub of the NJIT School of Architecture.
    Not everything is worth this level of attention, though, and we try to dial the resources up or down where we see appropriate. Tools like Wikipedia, when used in moderation, can help us get the point across without sacrificing journalistic integrity.
    And, to that point, you neglected to note that we did link to the bill itself on the NJ State Senate servers, providing readers the opportunity to dive deep into the content if they’re looking for something more than a summary.


  3. So how does this limit the gun supply to criminals? It appears that it only limits the gun supply to non-criminals. I am pretty sure the back alley gun dealer is not going to follow this law any more than the criminal is going to follow existing laws. What a complete waste of time from a Mayor without a clue.


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