Newark and the Future of Crime Fighting

Newark and the Future of Crime Fighting
Slashdot, a popular technology blog, picks up the “future of crime fighting” meme kicked off by TechCrunch’s interview with Mayor Booker. The discussion is, unsurprisingly, negative against the cameras due to potential civil-rights violations with regard to privacy.

Booker is quick to point out that the city worked with the ACLU to define a framework around how police can use the cameras (i.e. the NPD can only observe streets, not inside of buildings), in which all have found satisfactory.

“Newark Mayor Cory Booker is betting that cutting-edge technology will reduce crime and spark an economic renaissance. From a newly opened Surveillance Operations Center, cops armed with joystick controllers monitor live video feeds from more than 100 donated cameras scattered across the crime-ridden city. The moves are drawing kudos from businesses like Amazon subsidiary, which has moved its HQ to downtown Newark, where space is 50% cheaper than in Manhattan. But are citizens giving up too much privacy?”

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Newarker, PCA Elder, Business Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

2 thoughts on “Newark and the Future of Crime Fighting”

  1. I live amist drug dealers, addicts, gang members, and thugs of all sorts in a house that is not bullet proof. I depend on the good aim of a rage filled young black male to stop bullets from entering my home and killing my wife and children (not to mention myself). I think not. I am active. I will report you. I will not allow your senseless pursuit for destruction to affect me. Damn privacy. We need cameras on every block. A slight loss in privacy (or the perception of it) is not the main issue.


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