Woman Hit by Train at Newark Penn Station

Woman hit by train, trapped for 30 minutes at Newark Penn Station
Yikes.  Keep away from those tracks, people.


A woman was rescued and rushed to the hospital after spending 30 minutes trapped under an Amtrak train at Newark Penn Station today, officials said.

The woman was struck by the the train, headed from New York to Washington, when she apparently jumped from the platform as it pulled into the station on Track No. 3 at about 11:15 a.m., NJ Transit spokesman Dan Stessel said.


Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Newarker, PCA Elder, Business Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

5 thoughts on “Woman Hit by Train at Newark Penn Station”

  1. I am a family member and am compelled to shed a little light on this…The elderly woman who did try to commit suicide by jumping from the train platform has suffered many years with a life threatening illness that is emotionally as well as physically debilitating. She is the youngest of many siblings, whom are all now deceased, as well as her only son. This woman is a very dear, loving and wonderful person who just feels she has no reason to continue. We (her remaining family) wish that she didn’t feel this way, however, depression is not something WE or anyone else can control.
    After reading all of the extremely insensitive comments left regarding this article, I wonder if many of you would feel this way if this were a relative of ‘yours’. Stop…for one moment & imagine this being your Mother, Grandmother or Great Aunt. I would think someone who is in such PAIN that she feels the need to take her life in this manner would now at least deserve simple ‘COMPASSION’.
    My last comment, I sincerely hope you NEVER have this happen in your family.


  2. C., the circumstances surrounding the incident were unclear. Apologies for the insensitivity — I had assumed it was an accident.
    Our prayers go to your family.


  3. Ken…I appreciate your words of compassion. My remarks were actually directed to the responses made from the article linked (“Woman hit by train, trapped for 30 minutes at Newark Penn Station”) at the very top of your article. I thought they were some how related. Sorry for the mix up. If you read some of the responses from the article linked, I’m sure you’ll understand my family’s concern. Again, thanks for your compassion. Many blessings to you and yours.


  4. C. I understand. Unfortunately, the comments at NJ.com are not well moderated, and I tend to find that the discussion there can get pretty sleazy. I’m sorry to hear that it’s caused your family concern and hope the Daily Newarker can provide somewhat of a balanced perspective. Best regards.


  5. I am thankful to finally come across these postings; I was shocked by the inhumanity of the commentary left on nj.com. I was at the train station and actually was a witness to this horrific incident. The haunting images of her disappearing are indelibly inscribed in my memory; and my heart goes out to her and her family. When I realized what had just happened, I screamed out and rushed immediately to get the attention of the station attendants; while many people rushed to try and help her. I don’t know what is appropriate in this context, but family members are welcome to contact me if they would like more information about what I saw. amy9382@gmail.com.


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