Burglaries Up: Barbed Wire Ordinance the Culprit?

barbedwireThe Associated Press is reporting today that a 17% rise in burglaries in Newark in 2008 has been, according to critics, in part due to the city’s ban on barbed wire: Critics say Newark barbed wire ban helps criminals.
It’s not surprising with all the positive coverage about the 30% drop in violent crime that the contrarian story is emerging about burglary. I’d be curious to hear from Police Director McCarthy about how the NPD plans to fight this trend rather than whine about this ordinance.

We live across from two churches whose lots are both surrounded by barbed wire — the aesthetic impact to the neighborhood is costly.

Some business owners in this crime-plagued city say recent enforcement of a decades-old ordinance prohibiting some types of barbed wire and razor wire is making Newark more attractive — to thieves.

Burglaries are up 17 percent from 2007 through November in Newark, which has a young, charismatic mayor who has vowed to help the city rebound from decades of official inaction, incompetence and outright criminality.

The city is aggressively courting new investment and development, but people who have been ordered to downgrade their fences say officials are worried more about aesthetics than security.

Author: Ken Walker

Husband, Father, Newarker, PCA Elder, Business Analyst. In a glass case of emotion since 1978.

3 thoughts on “Burglaries Up: Barbed Wire Ordinance the Culprit?”

  1. Two years ago, Newark police put road blocks and campers around Baxter Terrace. However, drug trading and shooting did not stop. Those who love barbed wires should do a statistic study to find out the real effect of these magic wires. Only then, we can all rush to buy more of them. The even more magic thing was that our council people seem to share the same faith toward these wires before a such study.


  2. Ha.. I grew up in the Ironbound and it was not uncommon but also not totally standard to see barbed wire. I dont think it was razor style for the most part, but I guess it depends. As usual this is broken windows style governing that believes deep socio-economic problems will be solved by tacit aesthetic measures. Sure barbed wire is ugly, and doesnt make you feel great.. but it doesn’t make you want to run away and quit your job either.One last thing – – there are more artistic and subdued forms of barbed wire. I see them here in Europe very often.


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