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The kerfuffle between Cory and Conan has driven a fair amount of news coverage this week, with some contending that Cory drew negative attention to the city while others seem to think that the dustup was planned to result in Booker’s appearance on the show. I should have some inside baseball on that in a few days, but what do you think? Is the Mayor creating an opportunity to get Newark some positive press by going on Conan? Or is he cynically driving attention to his own skills as a media mogul? Leave a comment at TDN.


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Indeed! RT MsNAB I've found that most people who perpetuate negativity about Nwk have never been here or were here just post riot.</blockquote><p style="margin: -1em 0pt 1em;text-align: right"><cite><a href="">&mdash;CoryBooker

“The real glory is being knocked to your knees and then coming back. That’s real glory. That’s the essence of it.” Vince Lombardi


corybooker AWESOME! Bring it on Conan. NJ is ready,....</blockquote><p style="margin: -1em 0pt 1em;text-align: right"><cite><a href="">&mdash;cagirl80

NEW VIDEO: Conan, it’s on!! = – Ban extended to all of NJ.


Busy day. Tapings, editting, pitching, Conan, pitching, writing..can’t stop won’t stop..


getting ready to put the Newark Pride Alliance on the map.


corybooker you should "educate" Conan about Newark by making him tape the Tonight Show here Symphony Hall.


dailynewarker Junior Achievement of NJ's financial literacy &amp; economic education prog's impacted 6556 Newark NJ youth in 07-08</blockquote><p style="margin: -1em 0pt 1em;text-align: right"><cite><a href="">&mdash;JAofNJ

dailynewarker Yeah, but then there are all those very obvious slights that Conan is throwing in. I mean it really is kinda mean of him.</blockquote><p style="margin: -1em 0pt 1em;text-align: right"><cite><a href="">&mdash;ethigent

ethigent No way. I wouldn't go so far as to say they're talking on a back channel (just yet), but it's all in good fun.</blockquote><p style="margin: -1em 0pt 1em;text-align: right"><cite><a href="">&mdash;dailynewarker

dailynewarker crazy that you can "offend" a city. it was a decent joke. sad state of affairs when youre not allowed to poke fun at cities.</blockquote><p style="margin: -1em 0pt 1em;text-align: right"><cite><a href="">&mdash;bicyclemark

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