Star Ledger: Deal to have NJ Nets play t…

Star Ledger: Deal to have NJ Nets play two years at Prudential Center days away from governor’s desk
We’re so close. My bet is that if the Nets play the next two years in Newark, and continue to see the fan base grow and rail use come up to levels we’re seeing with the Devils, that we might see them even back out of the Barclay’s Center in 2012.

The Nets played two preseason games on Oct. 13 and 21 at “The Rock,” and both were surprisingly successful, as roughly 28,000 tickets were sold with assistance from Mayor Cory Booker’s office.

The team was delighted, especially upon learning that 13 percent of its patrons used rail service to attend the games. In remarks about the Prudential Center weeks later, Yormark described the facility as “terrific,” with “great new amenities. The fans seem to really enjoy it.” And he was encouraged that there would be a “big concentration of fans from Essex, Middlesex and Union counties, which we don’t typically draw a lot from.”

The Nets plan to move to Brooklyn in 2012.

Author: Ken Walker

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2 thoughts on “Star Ledger: Deal to have NJ Nets play t…”

  1. Unless the Nets plan on staying in Newark permanently, I’m against this move. Newark should not be treated as a “bridesmaid” to New York, nor should the Nets be allowed to continue to hose the NJ fans since they already told us we’re not good enough to root for them. Once an owner announces he’s moving a sports team, he alienates the fans, the teams’ play goes downhill, and people stop buying tickets.I think Nets ownership burned their bridges with NJ, and even a temporary move to Newark won’t help. If anything, it would hurt Newark’s chance of getting another NBA franchise. The Nets made their own bed, they should sleep in it.


  2. Bill, I agree that Newark shouldn’t be a second-rate home to the Nets in comparison to NYC. But, I am hopeful that — similar to how they ended up leaving Rutherford — the owners come to their senses after a couple years at the Rock and decide to stay. Sometimes people need to be convinced to do the right thing.


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