New Jersey Newsroom: Senate committee OK…

New Jersey Newsroom: Senate committee OK’s Dow as N.J. attorney general
A substantial portion of the hearing was devoted to Ms. Dow’s “decision to seek a waiver of a lifetime ban on any role in government for former Newark councilwoman Dane Rone.” Former Governor Corzine released Rone, who was found guilty of improperly using her political influence to interfere with a traffic stop by a Rutgers-Newark policeman, from a lifetime ban from public service on his last day in office. AG Dow claims to not have been a part of that decision, despite her support of it.

Gill quizzed Dow on why she sought overruled an assistant prosecutor who supported a ban a waiver for Rone, if Newark Mayor Cory Booker ever contacted her about a waiver for the former councilwoman, and if she had any role in Corzine’s pardon.

Dow, with her voice raising at one point late in the discussion, responded that she believed Rone’s action’s did not rate a lifetime ban from government, that she never talked to Booker and that the first time she learned of Corzine’s pardon was when she read about it in a newspaper. …

“Respectfully senator, I disagree with your conclusions And the way you are trying to steer the facts,’’ Dow told Gill. “Underlying all you’ve said is a suggestion, an insinuation; I was influenced by the mayor or by the article. I was not influenced, I was not contacted. I am very proud of myself for handling this in an independent way.’’

Author: Ken Walker

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