Dinosaur BBQ comes to Newark

Dinosaur Rules Earth… with BBQ!
When an out-of-towner from Philly mentioned the new Newark Dinosaur BBQ to me at a tech conference (of all people at all places), I realized this is kind of a big deal.

Glocally has a good, detailed review of the new restaurant, situated adjacent to Champion Plaza outside the Prudential Center.

Few things are more genuine American cuisine the good ole BBQ! This writer has a serious crush for this style of cooking and when he found out that a place opened up offering it he made a visit… three times.. Yeah… we’re about to get seriously stuffed… bring your Jurassic sized wet naps… we’re getting messy!

See also, NYT: Vegetarian Woos a Ribs Place

[Stage] does not expect Mr. Booker to be a regular customer at the new restaurant; the mayor is a vegetarian.

Still, Mr. Stage said: “He’s given us plenty of support. He’s been in a few times already.”

Author: Ken Walker

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