School board considers leasing facilities to charter schools

Newark Charters Still Looking for a Home: Newark continues to argue about sharing space with charter schools
The board is between a rock and a hard place to get these facilities leased: the schools are in need of renovations that would run into the millions of dollars, and the schools themselves are seeing declining attendance.

Triggering much of the outcry this time are three deals that call for charter schools to take out long-term leases for three other buildings in their entirety, with options to buy the properties in the near term.

The three schools are Eighteenth Avenue School, Barringer High School’s 9th grade annex, and West Side High School’s annex, all three of which are being closed by Anderson next year as part of her broader consolidation plans.

Administration officials said the leases were critical for the district to address its rising maintenance costs in those buildings, with each of the expected charter operators planning renovations.

Author: Ken Walker

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