Booker: UMDNJ-Rutgers merger a “win for Newark”

Patch Newark: UMDNJ Merger a ‘Win for Newark’

“We were facing a developing UMDNJ advisory committee plan that would have hurt Newark and been suboptimal for New Jersey as a whole. We worked with stakeholders at home and across the state to turn this crisis into an opportunity to address Newark’s higher education and health care challenges. Today, I’m happy to report that we succeeded. This legislation is a win for Newark, it is a win for Rutgers, it is a win for medical higher education, it is a win for our hospital, and it is a win for New Jersey,” Booker said in a statement.

Patch reporter Paul Milo explains how the language of the merger maintains benefits for Newarkers:

Language within the law also reaffirms University Hospital’s mission to serve the people of Newark and the surrounding region. The hospital was founded as part of the Newark Agreements, an accord reached between state and local officials following the Newark riots of 1967.

The agreements state that, in exchange for the city donating nearly 60 acres of land for the construction of a hospital, the facility would place a particular focus on the needs of Newark residents. The agreements lacked the force of law, and still would under the restructuring, but many of their objectives are explicitly stated in the act passed last week, lending them even more weight than they had previously.

Author: Ken Walker

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