Deb Galant leaves Baristanet to take hyperlocal journalism role at Montclair State

Baristanet: Debbie Galant: See You Around the Quad

Today, I leave the day-to-day management of this news site and begin an exciting new role at Montclair State University.

When I began Baristanet, I was not setting out to change the world. I merely saw an opportunity. Blogging had created an instant publishing platform and with a minor investment, I could start a 21st century version of the local hometown paper. The news site I imagined would be breezier than a traditional newspaper, more fun, and more interactive. And I soon learned, a lot nimbler as well.

That was the little arrow I shot into the world in May 2004. It went by the name “hyperlocal journalism.”

Deb is a pioneer in hyperlocal journalism. Her website, Baristanet, which she and Liz George launched in 2004 in nearby Montclair, is upheld as a national example of how to do local reporting right in our digital age.

Author: Ken Walker

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